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I feel gay posting this but I get asked so often, so…

My perfect girl

I’ll write this starting with the most important, and then moving onto the less significant, but still important qualities. Beginning with intelligence. I can’t put in words how sexy a girl is when she knows what she’s talking about. A girl who can hold conversation with you about economics, recent events, and other intellectual things is probably the most attractive thing to me. Secondly, I want my girlfriend to be easy going. I don’t want to have to persuade her to change plans from what we were orginally doing. I want somebody who I can bring along with me to soccer games, out with friends, and to school functions. Being good with my parent(s) is also important to me. If she isn’t down with my mom it makes the relationship a lot harder on both of us and it’s hard to keep strong. I really really like athletic girls. If we can have a date by going to the park and kicking a ball around and talking, unf. Going on runs together, getting sweaty together. I just find all of that really appealing. I want a girl I can have fun with but transition to mature talks aswell. I don’t want some reckless girl all the time, but every once and a while doing something crazy and random is ideal. Oh, and oh god is she snowboards I’ll make love to her on the spot. I want to have somebody I can take to the mountains with me and actually keep up. Somebody of the opposite gender, that is

Moving onto appearence. This is where I’m not very picky. You don’t have to have blonde hair and blue eyes to get me intersted in you. Brown hair and brown eyes is just as sexy as blonde hair and blue or green eyes. I don’t really care here. If you have a pretty face, you’re pretty. When it comes to the body all I really care about is ass and legs. I don’t particularly like chunky or large legs. On the other hard, I love a large ass. Tits though, I don’t even care. Too big is unattractive though. I don’t really want a DD slapping me in the face while we fuck. Ya dig? Sorry I wrote a novel

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